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Agastache micrantha (A. Gray) Woot. & Standl. var. micrantha

Family: Lamiaceae

Descripton: This variety differs from other Agastache by a short calyx tube (1.5-3 mm), and from its close relative, A. wrightii (Greenman) Woot. & Standl., by A. micrantha having thin and flaccid leaves. Sanders (1987) provides a paragraph in the discussion of A. micrantha that distinguishes these two species.

Distribution: North-central Arizona and north-central New Mexico to the Big Bend region of Texas and central Chihuahua, with a variety durangensis R. Sanders from southern Durango to southern Zacatecas.

Plants Seen or Cited: Mexico; Chihuahua; near Parral, 18 Oct 1905, Pringle 13599 (NMC); USA; New Mexico; Catron Co.; Datil Mts., T1N R9W S33, 18 Sep 1976, Fletcher 1591 (UNM); Mogollon Mts., Midle Fork of Gila River, 9 Aug 1903, Metcalfe 448 (NMC); Doña Ana Co.; Organ Mts., 1 Sep 1897, Wooton 436 (NMC); Organ Mts., Soledad Canyon, 24 Sep 1905, Wooton s.n. (NMC); Lincoln Co.; White Mts., 24 Oct 1969, Hutchins 2680 (UNM); Sierra Co.; in and around S end of Black Range, Carpenter Creek, 26 Sep 1904, Metcalfe 1416 (NMC); San Andres Mts., side canyon off Rhodes Canyon ca 9 mi W of Rhodes Canyon Range Center, 10 Sep 1972, Todsen s.n. (NMC); Socorro Co.; Springtime Canyon, 19 Oct 1963, Cagswell 124 (UNM); Magdalena Mts., South Canyon, 25 Aug 1973, Hutchins 4644 (UNM); Magdalena Mts., Sawmill Canyon, 2 Sep 1973, Hutchins 4806 (UNM); Ladron Mts., NW Ladrone, head of Canyon del Norte, 2 Oct 1975, Manthey 659 (UNM).

Habitat: Moist loam (Metcalfe 1416); under cliffs (Pringle 13599); steep rocky slope, 8,300 ft (Manthey 659); gravel loam of NW slope, 7,400 ft (Hutchins 2680); volcanic soil 8,700 ft (Fletcher 1591); gravel loam 6,750 ft (Hutchins 4806); on granitic-rhyolitic outcrops, usually above stream courses in the sclerophyllous Quercus-Bouteloua savannas or upper pinyon-juniper zone (Sanders 1987); rocky or sandy slopes, canyon bottoms, chaparral to oak-pine woodlands in mts. (Henrickson and Johnston 1997); canyons along watercourses (Martin and Hutchins 1981).

Discussion: Sanders (1987) notes that the species is usually local. No authors indicate special habitat or rarity. This variety is widespread in the interior Southwest. It apparently forms local populations, but is otherwise widespread in the region (Sanders 1987).

Important Literature:

Henrickson, J., and M.C. Johnston. 1997. A flora of the Chihuahuan Desert region. Privately published proof copy, J. Henrickson, Los Angeles. 1687 pp.

Martin, W.C., and C.R. Hutchins. 1981. A Flora of New Mexico, vol. 2. J. Cramer, Vaduz. Pp. 1277-2591.

Sanders, R.W. 1987. Taxonomy of Agastache section Brittonastrum (Lamiaceae-Nepeteae). Systematic Botany Monographs 15:1-92.

Information Compiled By: Richard Spellenberg, 1998

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