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Aletes filifolius Mathias, Constance and Theobald

Family: Apiaceae

Description: Plants 2-4 dm tall with several leaves and peduncles arising from a branching, woody root crown; leaves broadly ovate in outline, blades 2.5-20 cm long, 2.5-14 cm wide, ternately-pinnately decompound, ultimate divisions filiform, 0.5-5.6 cm long, 1-2 mm broad; peduncles 7-38 cm long, exceeding the leaves, scaberulent at summit; bracts none; rays 4-21, 6-20 mm long, spreading-ascending; bractlets linear to lanceolate, 2-5 mm long, free to slightly connate; pedicels 6-15, 1.5-5 mm long; calyx-teeth lanceolate; petals yellow; styles slender, spreading, stylopodium none; fruit oblong to ovoid-oblong, 2.4-8 mm long, 1.8-4 mm wide, lateral and dorsal ribs with prominent, corky wings to 1 mm tall; vittae large, mostly 1 in intervals, 2 on commissure (Mathias et al. 1969; Hartman, personal observation).

Distribution: Mountains of western Texas (Altuda Mt., Glass Mts., Guadalupe Mts.) and southern and south-central New Mexico (Mathias et al. 1969).

Plants Seen or Cited: New Mexico; Dona Ana Co.; deep east-west canyon above Dripping Springs, 28 Jul 1952, Dunn 8436 (UC!); Filmore Canyon, Organ Mts., 26 May 1905, Wooton s.n. (UC!, US!); Van Patten's, Organ Mts., 9 Jun 1906, Standley s.n. (MO!, US!), 16 Jul 1902, Wooton s.n. (US!), 29 Aug 1894, Wooton (US!); Eddy Co.; Carlsbad, 4 Jun 1924, Lee 154 (US!); Grant Co.; Big Hatchet Mts., 17 May 1892, Mearns 39 (US); Sycamore Creek, 13 Aug 1902, Wooton (US!); Socorro Co.; lower valley of Tulerosa River, 30 Aug 1905, Hough s.n. (US!) (Mathias et al. 1969). Texas; Brewster Co.; 10 mi. se. of Alpine, 8 Jun 1948, Warnock 7833 (LL!, MICH!, SMU!, UC!); top of Baldy Peak, Glass Mts., 13 Jul 1940, Warnock W 297 (UC!); Culberson Co.; upper McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mts., 22 Jul 1931, Moore & Steyermark 3573 (GH!, MICH!, MO!, RM! UC!, US!); 1st narrow canyon off w. side of North McKittrick Canyon, 16 Jul 1945, McVaugh 7413 (LL!, MICH!, UC!); vicinity of Frijole Post Office, 4 Aug 1930, Grassl 166 (MICH!); Pine Springs Canyon, 7 Sep 1961, Correll & Johnston 24277 (LL!); Pine Spring Canyon and North McKittrick Canyon, 2 Jun 1949, Hickley & Hickley 11 (US!); North Fork of McKittrick Canyon, 25 Jul 1957, Correll & Johnston 18496 (LL!); Jeff Davis Co.; little Aguja Canyon, Davis Mts., 17 Jun 1931, Moore & Steyermark 3136 (GH!, MO!, US!) (Mathias et al. 1969).

Habitat: Rocky places, bluffs, mountain summits, stream and canyon bottoms, mostly on limestone; 4,500-9,500 feet elevation.

Discussion: The type collection is Correll 13961, North McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mts., Culberson Co., TX, 18 Aug 1946 (HOLOTYPE: US!; ISOTYPE, LL!). A collection, F. H. Snow 3126 (F!, KANU!), from Silver City, NM is likely this taxon, but the fruit are immature. This species is endemic to west Texas and southern and south-central New Mexico.

Important Literature:

Mathias, M.E., L. Constance and W.L. Theobald. 1969. Two new species of Umbelliferae from the southwesten United States. Madrono 20: 214-219.

Information Compiled By: Ronald L. Hartman, 1998

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