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Aquilegia desertorum (M.E Jones) Cockerell ex Heller

Synonyms: Aquilegia formosa Fisher ex de Candolle var. desertorum M.E. Jones, Aquilegia triternata Payson

Family: Ranunculaceae

Description: Stems slender, glandular hairy above, about 30.0 cm high, basal leaves biternate, rarely over one-third as long as the stems; leaflets small, rather thick, pubescent, glaucous on both surfaces; stem leaves several; bracts once or twice ternate; flowers nodding, sepals dark red, elliptic lanceolate, about 1 cm long; laminae yellow, rounded, about 5 mm long; spurs light red, straight, slender, 22-25 mm long.

Distribution: AZ, Coconino County.

Plants Seen or Cited: Although Kearney and Peebles give its distribution as AZ, UT, and NM, I could not locate any vouchered specimens from New Mexico, or Utah. It appears to be endemic to Coconino Co., AZ. Unspecific collections from Apache, Yavapai, and Navajo counties, AZ, have yet to be relocated.

Discussion: Aquilegia desertorum was once thought to be very rare in AZ, but upon further study, it was found to be more common than previously thought. It should be dropped from the NM rare plant list. It is considered sensitive in AZ, but apparently there are no documented occurrences of this species from NM.

Important Literature:

Kearney, R.H. and T.H. Peebles. 1960. Arizona Flora (with suplement). University of California Press, Berkeley.

Information Compiled By: Daniela Roth, 1998

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