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Ayenia pusilla L.

Family: Sterculiaceae

Discussion: In "A Working Index of New Mexico Vascular Plant Names", Roalson and Allred state Ayenia pusilla L. is reported by Martin and Hutchins (1980), but does not occur in New Mexico and they cite Cristobal (1960). The UNM library does not have this Argentinean publication so I could not directly verify Roalson and Allred's conclusion.

Kelly Allred adds: The monograph of Ayenia by Carmen Cristobal reports three species from New Mexico: A. filiformis S. Wats., A. microphylla Gray, and A. pilosa Cristobal. According to her, and apparently followed by most later workers, Ayenia pusilla L. is known only from a few localities in northern Peru and southern Ecuador. What we have been calling Ayenia pusilla in New Mexico is divided up between A. filiformis (with mostly stiffly erect stems and lance-linear leaves) and A. pilosa (with scrambling, decumbent stems and shorter wider leaves).

Important Literature:

Cristobal, C. 1960. Revision del genero Ayenia (Sterculiaceae). Opera Lilloana 4:1-230.

Roalson, E.H. and K.W. Allred. A working index of New Mexico vascular plant names, edition 1. NMSU Ag. Exp. Sta. Res. Rpt. 702.

Information Compiled By: Charlie McDonald, 1998

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