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Cologania pallida Rose

Family: Fabaceae

Distribution: Trans-Pecos Texas, southern New Mexico (western Otero county), and northern Coahuila (Turner 1992); Trans-Pecos Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Coahuila (Correll & Johnston 1979).

Plants Seen or Cited: There are no entries in the New Mexico Natural Heritage Program Database and there are no specimens at UNM identified as either Cologania pallida or Cologania pulchella. The only cologania at UNM is C. angustifolia (=C. longifolia).

Discussion: There is confusion between Cologania pallida as treated in Turner (1992) and Correll & Johnston (1979), and Cologania pulchella as treated in Woot. & Standl. (1915) and Martin & Hutchins (1980). Turner (1992) placed C. pulchella in synonymy under C. broussonettii, a strictly Mexican species that occurs no farther north than central Chihuahua. Turner's (1992) distribution map for C. pallida shows a location in western Otero County, New Mexico. This may mean that the plant that has been called C. pulchella in New Mexico is actually C. pallida. The distribution of C. pallida is too broad to consider it a rare species.

Important Literature:

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Information Compiled By: David L. Bleakly, 1998

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