Desmodium batocaulon Gray

Synonym: Meibomia batocaulis (Gray) Kuntze

Family: Fabaceae

Distribution: New Mexico and Arizona to Mexico; San Luis Mountains, New Mexico [Hidalgo county]; San Pedro River, Sonora, Mexico [type locality] (Woot. & Standl. 1915). Greenlee, Graham, Cochise, Santa Cruz and Pima counties; southern New Mexico and Arizona and northern Mexico (Kearney & Peebles 1960). Central and southern Arizona into New Mexico and south into northern Mexico (Shreve & Wiggins 1964).

Plants Seen or Cited: No entries in New Mexico Natural Heritage Program Database. Collections at UNM are: New Mexico; Hidalgo County; Wagner, 1274, 22 July 1975, 5,750 ft., Animas Mountains, lower Indian Creek Canyon; Wagner, 1501, 13 September 1975, 5,900 ft., Animas Mountains, lower Indian Creek; Hutchins, 10542, 5 September 1982, 5,500 ft., Forest Road 63, 1 mile east of Arizona; Worthington, 15172, 21 September 1986, 5,000 ft., Peloncillo Mountains, Tank Mountains; Ivey, 227, 22 September 1991, 6,500 ft., Animas Mountains; Hutchins, 11037, 7 August 1983, 5,950 ft., Forest Road 63, 1 mile east of Arizona; Grant County; Hutchins, 6208, 4 July 1976, 6,700 ft., Roadside, Hwy 25, 6 miles north of Silver City; Arizona; Gila County; Clark, 12227, 28 August 1944, West Miami; Santa Cruz County; Clark, 12396, 6 September 1944, Madera Canyon [west side of] Santa Rita Mountains (possibly Pima County); Clark, 13052, 2 September 1945, western Santa Cruz County, Oro Blanco Mountains; Cochise County; Fletcher, 7385, 10 September 1983, Dragoon Mountains, East Stronghold Canyon.

Habitat: Common, often in pine woods, 3,500 to 6,500 ft. (Kearney & Peebles 1960). Rocky slopes and often in pine forests, mainly Upper Sonoran and Transition Zones, but entering upper margin of Lower Sonoran along canyons (Shreve & Wiggins 1964).

Discussion: This plant seems to be relatively widely distributed from northern Mexico to southwestern New Mexico and southern Arizona. While it may not be common in New Mexico, it appears to be common elsewhere and does not warrant attention as a rare plant.

Important Literature:

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Information Compiled By: David L. Bleakly, 1998