Erigeron gilensis Woot. & Standl.

Synonyms: Erigeron versicolor (Greenm.) Nesom, Achaetogeron chihuahuensis Larsen, Achaetogeron versicolor Greenm., Erigeron geiseri Shinners var. calcicola Shinners, Erigeron mimegletes Shinners

Family: Asteraceae

Description: Annual, single-stemmed (generally in ours) pappus reduced to minute corona or occ. 1-4 caducous bristles.

Distribution: Chihuahua, Durango, Arizona and New Mexico.

Plants seen or cited: UNM Specimens: 1. New Mexico: Catron Co. Mogollon Mtns., Indian Creek. R. Fletcher 5409. 7-15-81 2. New Mexico: Catron Co., Bill Lewis Cienega. R. Fletcher 4811. 9-8-1980.

Habitat: Dry to moist meadows in mixed conifer forests.

Discussion: De Jong and Nesom (1996) sunk this species into Erigeron versicolor (Greenm.) Nesom. It is widespread in Mexico and occurs in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

Remarks: The taxon is peripheral in New Mexico and otherwise widespread. It should be removed from the list.

Important Literature:

De Jong, C.D.C. and G. Nesom. 1996. Chromosome counts in Mexican Erigeron. Madrono 43: 383-393.

Information Compiled By: Timothy K. Lowrey