Escobaria missouriensis var. missouriensis (Sweet) D.R. Hunt

Family: Cactaceae

Synonyms: Coryphantha missouriensis (Sweet) Britt. & Rose, Mammillaria missouriensis Sweet, Neobesseya missouriensis (Sweet) Britt. & Rose, Neobesseya wissmannii (Hildmann ex K. Schum.) Britt. & Rose

Distribution: This species is not very common in New Mexico, but has been found in several locations in the northwestern half of the state. The species has a wide distribution in western North America and there are at least three distinct varieties. The only variety known from New Mexico is var. missouriensis. However, variety caespitosa (Engelmann) D.Hunt (= roseiflora, & similis) occurs not far to the east in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The variety missouriensis ranges from Idaho to North Dakota and south on the Great Plains to Nebraska and in the Rocky Mountians and Colorado Plateaus to New Mexico and Arizona.

Remarks: With such a wide distribution and being very common in some areas, there is no reason for us to consider it further.

Information Compiled By: David J. Ferguson, 1998