Euphorbia bifurcata Engelm.

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Synonyms: Euphorbia bifurcata Engelm.; Euphorbia delicatula auct. non Boiss. & Millsp.; Euphorbia wootonii Oudejans; Zygophyllidium delicatulum Woot. & Standl.

Habitat and Distribution: The species is a locally common summer annual in moist canyons in the Black Range (UTEP: Galinas Canyon; Iron Creek Campground; North Percha Creek). It also occurs in moist woodlands/canyons in the Organ Mountains (UTEP: NE slope of the Needles at 7000 ft.). The species occurs in moist canyons in the Davis Mountains (UTEP: two collections from 5700, and 7500 ft.).

Information Compiled By: Richard D. Worthington