Grindelia havardii Steyermark

Family: Asteraceae

Description: Perennials, less commonly biennial; leaves ovate-lanceolate, slightly coriaceous, coarsely serrate with gland-tipped teeth; achenes monomorphic. Flowering June-September.

Distribution: Trans-Pecos Texas and Eddy County, New Mexico.

Plants Seen or Cited:
UNM Specimens: New Mexico: Eddy Co., Cottonwood Spring ca 8 miles NW of Artesia. Sivinski 2605. 12/9/93.

Habitat: Canyon bottoms, moist areas around springs on limestone, understory of cottonwood bosque; Elevation, 1300-2000 m.

Comments: Nesom (1990) stated that the most strongly perennial forms of the taxon occur in the western extension of its range. The type specimen is from McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains.

Status: The species has a limited range and occurs in sensitive habitats. The New Mexico populations appear to represent a distinct perennial form. It perhaps should be retained on the list for New Mexico.

Important Literature:

Nesom, G. 1990. Systematics of Mexican and Texas Grindelia. Phytologia 68: 303-332.

Information Compiled By: Timothy K. Lowrey