Platanthera zothecina (Higgins & Welsh) Kartesz & Gandhi


Synonyms: Habenaria zothecina Higgins & Welsh; Limnorchis zothecina (Higgins & Welsh) W.A. Weber

Description: Distinct from other species by the spur length which is 1.5-2 times as long as the lip.

Distribution: Emery, Garfield, Grand, Uintah, and San Juan counties, Utah. Also in Moffat County, Colorado, and Navajo and Apache counties, Arizona; A. Clifford reported it from the Carrizo Mountains near the New Mexico State line in Apache County, Arizona.

Plants Seen or Cited: Herbaria Collections: P. zothecina appears to never have been collected from New Mexico.

Remarks: Status: Remove from list. Rare in Arizona and Utah, but there are no known occurrences of this plant from New Mexico.

Important Literature:

Welsh, S.L., N.D. Atwood, L.C. Higgins, and S. Goodrich. 1987. A Utah Flora. Great Basin Naturalist Memoir No. 9.

Information Compiled By: Daniela Roth