Lilium philadelphicum var. andinum (Nutt.) Ker-Gawl.

Family: Liliaceae

Synonyms: Lilium andinum Nutt.; Lilium montanum A. Nels.; Lilium philadelphicum L. var. montanum (A. Nels.) Wherry; Lilium umbellatum Pursh

Distribution: This is a widespread woodland species, ranging from Ohio to British Columbia and southward to Arkansas and New Mexico. One specimen of L. umbellatum was collected in Arizona (in 1869) without definite locality. The US distribution of this species includes; Colorado, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, Ohio, Wyoming.

Plants Seen or Cited: UNM: There are eleven New Mexican collections of L. philadelphicum var. andinum (formerly L. umbellatum) at UNM from San Miguel, Los Alamos, Sandoval, and Otero counties. Martin & Hutchins also lists Rio Arriba and Santa Fe counties as having L. umbellatum. There are four non-New Mexican collections at UNM from; Montana, South Dakota, and Alberta, Canada.

Discussion: Martin & Hutchins document only one species of lily in the Flora of New Mexico, Lilium umbellatum. Kartesz synonymized many lilies (including L. umbellatum) with L. philadelphicum var. andinum. The Heritage Program designates this species as secure globally, but rare or uncommon in New Mexico.

Remarks: This species has such a broad range that it is not a rare species, though its distribution in New Mexico is perhaps uncommon and patchy.

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Information Compiled By: Jane Mygatt, 1998