Lobelia fenestralis Cav.

Family: Campanulaceae

Distribution: Common in the highlands of Mexico, ranging from Arizona and western Texas to Oaxaca (southern Mexico). Arizona distribution: Chiricahua and Huachuca mountains (Cochise County), near Patagonia (Santa Cruz County), southern Arizona, 5000-6000 ft., meadows and swales. In New Mexico, southwestern (Hidalgo County); 5000-6500 ft. Damp meadows.

Plants Seen or Cited: (UNM): One sheet. Hidalgo County. (NMC): Seven sheets total. Two from Hidalgo County, NM; Four sheets are from Chihuahua, Mexico, Municipios of Guachochic, Gomez Farias, Madera, Guerrero. One sheet from Durango, Mexico.

Discussion: In New Mexico this species is restricted to Hidalgo County. Lobelia fenestralis occurs peripherally in western Texas and southeastern Arizona. The New Mexico Natural Heritage Program designates this species as apparently globally secure, though rare or uncommon in New Mexico.

Remarks: This species range appears to be fairly widespread, though of peripheral distribution in the states, including New Mexico. Since little information is available on its Mexican distribution, this species should be retained as L3.

Important Literature:

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Information Compiled By: Jane Mygatt, 1998