Lysmachia hybrida Michx.

Family: Primulaceae

Synonyms: Lysmachia ciliata L. var. validula (E. Greene) Kearney & Peebles; Lysmachia lanceolata Walt ssp. hybrida (Michx.) J.D. Ray; Lysmachia lanceolata var. hybrida (Michx.) Gray; Steironema vilidulum Greene; Steironema hybrida (Michx.) Raf. ex Jackson; Steironema laevigatum T.J. Howell; Steironema lanceolatum (Walt.) Gray var. hybrida (Michx.) Gray

Description: Perennial, stems 3-6dm tall, leaves opposite, lanceolate; flowers solitary, axillary, yellow; corolla deeply 5-parted.

Distribution: Arizona: Apache, Gila, Coconino, and Navajo counties; New Mexico: Catron and San Juan counties. Southern Canada to east-central Oregon, NE New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia.

Plants Seen or Cited: There are only 2 collections vouchered from New Mexico, located at UNM, under the synonym Lysmachia ciliata:
San Juan County, Chuska Mts, McKnight 5808702
Colfax County, Potato Canyon, Anon.

Comments: Other herbaria in the southwest have collections from Quebec, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Indiana, Maine, Tennessee, and Iowa. The only other collections I could find from the Southwest are from Coconino and Apache counties, Arizona.

Status: Lysmachia hybrida appears to be a widespread wetlands species and peripheral in New Mexico. It is not considered to be rare in Arizona where it has been collected most frequently in the southwestern states.

Important Literature:

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Information Compiled By: Daniela Roth, 1998