Marah gilensis (Greene) Greene

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Description: Perennial, trailing or climbing monoecious vines with very large, tuberlike roots.

Distribution: New Mexico and Arizona.

Plants Seen or Cited: Herbaria Collections: I could not find any collections of M. gilensis from New Mexico. It has been collected from seven counties in Arizona, and from Sonora, Mexico.

Remarks: Remove from list. I could not find any collections from New Mexico. Either this plant does not occur in New Mexico, or it has never been vouchered. If it does occur it appears to be peripheral. It seems to be common and widespread in Arizona, where it is not considered to be a rare plant.

Important Literature:

McDougall, W.B. 1973. Seedplants of northern Arizona. The Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff.

Information Compiled By: Daniela Roth, 1998