Oxalis albicans ssp. pilosa (Nutt.) Eiten

Family: Oxalidaceae

Synonyms: Oxalis corniculata L. ssp. pilosa (Nutt.) Lourteig; Oxalis corniculata L. var. pilosa (Nutt.) B.L. Turner; Oxalis pilosa Nutt.; Oxalis wrightii Gray var. pilosa (Nutt.) Wieg.; Xanthoxalis pilosa (Nutt.) Small

Description: This species is extensively branched above ground with small leaves and flowers. Variety pilosa differs by its uneven calyx pubescence and acute calyx lobes.

Distribution: Mexico, southwest NM, southern AZ to central coastal CA.

Habitat: Upper Sonoran and lower transition zones on wet or humus soils in canyons (Shreve and Wiggins 1964).

Plants Seen or Cited: NM COLLECTIONS: Hidalgo Co. (Spellenberg NMC); Grant Co. (Wagner and Sabo 3216 UNM).

Comments: Oxalis corniculata is variable and widespread in North America. Turner (1994) draws a line between var. pilosa and var. wrightii in TX and NM that approximates the Mexican border. He says there is a broad band of hybridization between these varieties. The Wager and Sabo collection has both acute and obtuse calyx lobes on the same flowers and may be such a hybrid.

Remarks: A common, widespread variety that is peripheral to southwest NM.

Information Compiled By: Bob Sivinski, 1998