Phacelia splendens Eastw.

Family: Hydrophyllaceae

Distribution: Phacelia splendens is well documented in the Hogback area of San Juan County in north west New Mexico. Marilyn Altenback from the New Mexico Natural Heritage Program has a total of 8 occurrence records received from Paul Knight, William Dunmire, and Bob Sivinski. D. Atwood of BYU (801-378-4955) was contacted to determine the distribution of the plant in Colorado and Utah. Duane Atwood is a recognized expert on Phacelia species and is very familiar with Phacelia splendens.

The plant was first collected by Alice Eastwood near Grand Junction, Colorado in 1892. According to Dr. Atwood, the plant is common in southwestern Colorado and extends from the New Mexico border to north of Grand Junction Colorado, and extends west to the Book Cliffs of Utah. Phacelia splendens is not listed in the Colorado Rare Plant Field guide.

Status: The plant is peripheral in New Mexico, and it should not be retained on the New Mexico rare plant list.

Information Compiled By: Barney Wegener, 1998