Phlox austromontana Cov.

Family: Polemoniaceae

Description: Cespitose perennial from a taproot; mat forming; numerous stems occasionally more erect, 1 dm tall; plants subglabrous or loosely hairy upward, not glandular; intercostal membranes of the calyx with a firm, low, linear, median keel; corolla white or less often bluish or pink.

Distribution: The range of this species is from central Utah west across Nevada and the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, extending south to central Arizona and the mountains of southern California and northern Baja, north to central Oregon into east and central Idaho. In Utah in the Dixie Corridor and north to Utah County. In New Mexico the range extends into San Juan County.

Habitat: Dry to moderately moist, open or sparsely wooded, often stony slopes from the foothills and higher plains to middle or seldom higher elevations in the mountains. Usually in juniper or pinyon-juniper.

Remarks: Another abundant, widespread species that peripherally occurs in the state.

Important Literature:

Cronquist, A., et al. Intermountain Flora. Vol. 3A. New York Botanical Garden, NY. 1997.

Information Compiled By: Mike Eisenfeld, 1998