Porophyllum ruderale ssp. macrocephalum (DC.) R.R. Johnson

Family: Asteraceae

Synonyms: Kleinia glandulosa Moc. & Sessť; Porophyllum latifolium Benth.; Porophyllum macrocephalum DC.; Porophyllum ruderale (Jacq.) Cass. var. macrocephalum (DC.) Cronq.

Diagnostic Features: Annual, glabrous, leaves broadly ovate to obovate.

Distribution: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, south to central South America.

Plants Seen or Cited:
UNM Specimens: New Mexico, Hidalgo County. Animas Mountains. Wagner, 1574. 9-14-75.

Habitat: Dry slopes, washes, and roadsides.

Comments: This is a very widespread plant in Central and South America. It is a peripheral in New Mexico (Animas Mtns.)

Status: The taxon is peripheral in New Mexico and otherwise widespread. It should be removed from the list.

Important Literature:

Bretting, P. and E. Hernandex X. 1982. Papaloquelite y la etnobotanica de las especies de Porophyllum en Mexico. Biotica 7:191-203.

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Information Compiled By: Timothy K. Lowrey, 1998