Potentilla subviscosa Greene

Family: Rosaceae

Discussion: I suggested this plant be reviewed because I collected it for the first time this year (Cibola Co.) and there were no other specimens of it at UNM. From the literature, however, it appears to have a fairly broad range. The type location is the Mogollon Mts. of southwestern NM. Kearney & Peebles' Arizona Flora place it in the mountains of nearly all eastern AZ. In fact, it is included in the new volume of Intermountain Flora (Cronquist 1997) because it gets as far north as the Kaibab Plateau. Rydberg (1908) says its range is NM, AZ, and northern Mexico. Apparently, this plant is rarely collected in NM, but it has too broad a range to placed on the NM rare plant list.

Plants Seen or Cited: Richard Worthington adds,
Potentilla subviscosa- NM: Socorro Co., San Mateo Mts., Beartrap Canyon (T5S, R7W, secs. 13-14) 8300-8350 ft., 11-12 JUN 1983, A.H. Harris, s.n. (UTEP 22413) annotated by W.A. Weber.

"I played with the AZ Flora key and concluded the ID is likely to be correct, but I am not that strong with understanding all the character states for members in this group".

Important Literature:

Cronquist et al. 1997. Intermountain Flora, Volume 3: Rosidae other than Fabales. NY Bot. Gard.

Rydberg. 1908. Potentilla. North American Flora 22:293-355.

Information Compiled By: Bob Sivinski