Rubus exrubicundus Bailey

Family: Rosaceae

Synonyms: Rubus neomexicanus Gray; Oreobatus deliciosus (James ex Torr.) Rydb. ssp. neomexicanus (Gray) W.A. Weber

Vernacular Name: New Mexico raspberry

Description: Similar to R. neomexicanus, but differing in the upper surface of the leaves which are glabrous and the lower surface which is pubescent only on the veins in R. exrubicundus. (Eds. note: these species are now synonymized).

Distribution: Confined to the canyons of western and southwestern New Mexico at 1,670-1,990 m (5,500-6,500 ft) in elevation, while R. neomexicanus is widely scattered over the state, including the southwest quarter.

Plants Seen or Cited:
ARIZ: There are 75 collections of R. neomexicanus and four old collections of R. exrubicundus which are now included in R. neomexicanus.

NMSU: Total of 6 collections, five from New Mexico and one from Arizona, all identified as R. neomexicanus and collected throughout the state. No collections of R. exrubicundus.

Comments: Cannot find a basis to retain this taxon.

Status: Drop from the flora.

Important Literature:

Martin, W.C. and C.R. Hutchins. 1980. A flora of New Mexico

Information Compiled By: Jack Carter, 1997