Saxifraga cernua L.

Family: Saxifragaceae

Synonyms: Saxifraga cernua L. var. exilioides Polunin; Saxifraga bulbifera [of Gunners, non Linnaeus]; Saxafraga simulata Small

Vernacular Name: Nodding saxifrage

Distribution: This species is found throughout the Boreal Arctic and extends south in Alpine regions western North America from Alaska to New Mexico. It also occurs disjunctly in the Alpine of Scotland, Japan, the Himalaya/Tien-Shan/Altai east to China, and the Alps/Carpathians, rare in Burma, etc.

Habitat: This species rarely produces seed, and tends to occur in mono-clonal populations reproducing by production of bulbils in place of fruit. Common in snow-melt runoff area in the Southern Rockies. Known to hybridize with S. rivularis L.

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Information Compiled By: David J.Ferguson