Saxifraga chrysantha Gray

Family: Saxifragaceae

Synonyms: Hirculus serpyllifolius (Pursh) W.A. Weber ssp. chrysanthus (Gray) W.A. Weber; Saxifraga serpyllifolia Pursh ssp. chrysantha (Gray) W.A. Weber; Saxifraga serpyllifolia Pursh var. chrysantha (Gray) Dorn

Vernacular Name: Goldbloom saxifrage

Distribution: This common species occurs in the Alpine of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Northern New Mexico, and (?)Southern Montana. I have observed it to be abundant on Santa Fe Baldy and Lake Peak in New Mexico. Opinions will always vary as to whether this is a variety or good species. Typical S. serpyphylla occurs in Arctic Siberia, Alpine Japan, and the Alpine of Alaska, the Yukon, and British Columbia. An insignificant variant with purple, rather than yellow, flowers has been named var. purpurea Hulten.

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Information Compiled By: David J.Ferguson