Sphaeralcea polychroma La Duke

Family: Malvaceae

Vernacular Name: Hot springs globemallow

Plants Seen or Cited: From Kelly Allred:
If localities of Sphaeralcea polychroma are needed - At NMCR we have 4 specimens of S. polychroma: Three annotated by Paul Fryxell: one from Socorro Co. and two from Sierra Co. One collected by me from White Sands Missile Range, Sierra Co., on the east side of the San Andres Mts. David Anderson will likely know more sites from WSMR.

Remarks: From Rich Spellenberg:
The plants from Socorro, northern Dona Ana, Sierra co., etc. are La Duke's new species, S. polychroma. Sphaeralcea wrightii is much more southern, and is really rather rarely collected.

Information Compiled by: Kelly Allred and Richard Spellenberg, 1998