Talinum aurantiacum Engelm.

Family: Portulacaceae

Vernacular Name: Orange fameflower

Synonyms: Talinum angustissimum (Gray) Woot. & Standl.; Talinum aurantiacum Engelm. var. angustissimum Gray

Description: Talinum angustissimum is slender-stemmed, narrow-leaved, woody (makes small shrubs where it never freezes), with yellow flowers mostly under 1.5 cm. across. Sepals scarious, deciduous or adnate to fruit and inconspicuous.

Distribution: Talinum angustissimum is in a South American group and is nearly identical to Talinum polygaloides from Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Talinum angustissimum is the only species in this group outside of s. South America.

Habitat: Wide variety of habitats, but usually hot and exposed.

Information Compiled By: Dave J. Ferguson, 1997