Talinum aurantiacum Engelm.

Family: Portulacaceae

Vernacular Name: Orange fameflower

Synonyms: Talinum angustissimum (Gray) Woot. & Standl.; Talinum aurantiacum Engelm. var. angustissimum Gray

Description: Talinum aurantiacum is green and fleshy (sometimes slightly suffrutescent at the base) common south of a line from Santa Rosa to Belen then to near Silver City. Smaller than T. whitei with narrowly elliptic to broadly linear leaves. Peduncle/pedicel short, peduncle shorter than pedicel. Flowers solitary, orange. Sepals foliaceous, 3 or 5 "keeled" persistent in fruit.

Habitat: Mostly gravely hill tops and banks, but often on rocky slopes and in other situations.

Information Compiled By: Dave J. Ferguson, 1997