Vicia leucophaea Greene

Family: Fabaceae

Vernacular Name: Mogollon Mountain vetch

Description: An herb with tendrils, pinnately compound leaves, white to cream papilionoid corolla 7-9 mm long, and appressed-villous legume 25-40 mm long. The stylar hairs are medial, encircling the style.

Distribution: Southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona to southern Durango.

Plants Seen or Cited:
MEXICO, CHIHUAHUA, Sierra Madre, Pringle 1230 (F, MEXU, NY, POM, US, VT - cited in Gunn 1979; DURANGO, Otinapa, Palmer 378 (F, GH, MO, NAQ, NY, UC, US - cited in Gunn 1979); MPIO. SUCHÍL, Reserva de la Biosfera La Michilia, Reserva de la Biosfera La Michilia, Arroyo Los Indios, 22o28'44"N, 104o07'02"W, 19 Sep 1985, J. Alvarado 21 (CIIDIR); Arroyo El Temascal (viejo), 23o23'10"N, 104o15'38"W, 30 Sep 1985, J Alvarado 114 (CIIDIR); SONORA, burned over pineland, White 3208 (ARIZ, MICH - cited in Gunn 1979).
UNITED STATES, ARIZONA, COCHISE CO., Chiricahua Mts., Barfoot Park, 6 Sep 1906, J. C. Blumer 1358 (NMC); PIMA CO., Santa Catalina Mts., 17 Jun 1988, Porter & Henze 5475 (UNM); [probably Pima Co. - not given] Santa Rita Mts., date not recorded, O. M. Clark 12263 (UNM);
NEW MEXICO, CATRON CO., Mogollon Mts., on Mogollon Creek, 18 Jul 1903, O. B. Metcalfe 257 (NMC); Mogollon Mts., on or near the W Fork of the Gila, 5 Aug 1903, O. B. Metcalfe s.n. (NMC); Mogollon Mts., Middle Fork of the Gila, 5 Aug 1900, E. O. Wooton s.n. (NMC); HIDALGO CO., Animas Mts., Upper Indian Canyon, 22 Jul 1975, W. Wagner 1234 (UNM); SOCORRO CO., San Mateo Mts., Forest Rd 330, T6S R6W S15 sw, 27 Aug 1978, W. H. Moir & E. L. Fitzhugh 469 (NMC).

Habitat: Pine forests (Kearney and Peebles 1969); Wooded slopes (Martin and Hutchins 1980); Cool slopes, burned over pineland (from specimen citations in Gunn 1979); Bosque de Quercus - Pinus (Alvaredo 21, 114); Dry hills (Metcalfe s.n.); Aspect - SSE, concave upper slope, overstory - ponderosa pine, occasional Pseudotsuga menziesii, understory dominants - Muhlenbergia virescens, Bromus frondosus, Poa fendleri, Festuca arizonica (Moir & FItzhugh 469);

Comments: Martin and Hutchins (1980) map the species from Catron and Grant counties, New Mexico. Kearney and Peebles (1969) note the species to occur in Arizona from "southern Apache County to Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Pima counties, where it occurs in pine forests. Gunn (1979) records the species from those states and cites records from Chihuahua, Sonora and Durango. None of these authors indicate rarity of the species, or indicate anything unique and rare about habitat.

Status: A Sierra Madrean species that comes into the United States where that floristic influence is strong. There is no indication of rarity or of special nature of habitat. It is a peripheral that enters southwestern New Mexico.

Important Literature:

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Information Compiled By: Richard Spellenberg, 1998