Wyethia arizonica Gray

Family: Asteraceae

Vernacular Name: Arizona mule-ears

Description: Distinguished by the leaves being lanceolate and the cauline leaves having petioles, plants with usually only one well-developed head per stem; lvs and stems strongly hirsute. Flowers are not frost hardy. (3)

Distribution: COLO: SW counties; UTAH; ARIZ: Apache, Navajo, Coconino, and Gila counties, 7,000-9,500 ft., slopes and canyons, mostly in pine forests. Colorado, Utah, and Northern New Mexico and Arizona (2); UTAH: Oak, pinyon-juniper, and ponderosa pine communities at 1430-2440 m in Grand, Kane, San Juan, Kane, and Washington counties, Colorado, NM, and AZ (5)

Plants Seen or Cited: [Type location] Bear Springs Palmer in 1869.

NMSU 056462, 10 May 1987, Rio Arriba Co., Carson NF; NMSU 060740, 27 May 1987, Rio Arriba Co., N. of San Juan River; UTEP 15183, 22 May 1971, CO, Archuleta Co; UTEP 52543, 23 Jul 1937, AZ, Hannagan Meadow.

Comments: n=19 (5)

Status: NM may have peripheral populations, but this taxon is widespread in other states.

Important Literature:

1: Martin and Hutchins, 1981

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Utah Distribution map:

Information Compiled By: Patricia Barlow-Irick, 1998