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New Mexico Herbaria

  • University of New Mexico Herbarium, Albuquerque (UNM)
  • New Mexico State University Range Science Herbarium, Las Cruces (NMCR)
  • New Mexico State University Biology Department Herbarium, Las Cruces (NMC)
  • Regional Herbaria


  • Arizona State University Herbarium, Tempe (ASU)
  • Deaver Herbarium, Flagstaff (ASC)
  • University of Arizona Herbarium, Tucson (ARIZ)
  • Colorado

  • University of Colorado Museum, Boulder (COLO)
  • Colorado State University Herbarium, Ft. Collins (CS)
  • Texas

  • Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth (BRIT)
  • UTEP Biodiversity Collections, El Paso (UTEP)
  • Plant Resources Center, Austin (TEX)
  • Utah

  • Intermountain Herbarium, Logan (USU)
  • S.L. Welsh Vascular Plant Herbarium, Provo (BYU)
  • Utah Valley University Herbarium, Orem, UT
  • Wyoming

  • Rocky Mountain Herbarium, Laramie (RM)
  • Regional Biodiversity Databases

  • Intermountain Region Herbarium Network
  • New Mexico Biodiversity Collections Consortium
  • Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet)
  • Regional Native Plant Societies

  • Arizona Native Plant Society
  • California Native Plant Society
  • Colorado Native Plant Society
  • Native Plant Society of New Mexico
  • Native Plant Society of Texas
  • Utah Native Plant Society
  • Wyoming Native Plant Society
  • Field Guides

  • Arizona Rare Plant Field Guide
  • California Native Plant Society Rare Plant Program
  • Colorado Rare Plant Field Guide
  • Utah Rare Plant Guide
  • Other Rare Plant Resources

  • Navajo Natural Heritage Program
  • New Mexico Natural Heritage Data Base (not all species here are rare)
  • USFWS: New Mexico Ecological Services Field Office

  • Photo credits in header Peniocereus greggii var. greggii © T. Todsen,
    Lepidospartum burgessii © M. Howard, Argemone pleiacantha ssp. pinnatisecta © R. Sivinski
    Design: J. Mygatt; Copyright © 1999-2005 New Mexico Rare Plant Technical Council