Agastache micrantha (White Giant-Hyssop)

Agastache micrantha (White Giant-Hyssop)

This variety differs from other Agastache by a short calyx tube (1.5-3 mm), and from its close relative, A. wrightii (Greenman) Woot. & Standl., by A. micrantha having thin and flaccid leaves. Sanders (1987) provides a paragraph in the discussion of A. micrantha that distinguishes these two species.
North-central Arizona and north-central New Mexico to the Big Bend region of Texas and central Chihuahua, with a variety durangensis R. Sanders from southern Durango to southern Zacatecas
Moist loam (Metcalfe 1416); under cliffs (Pringle 13599); steep rocky slope, 8,300 ft (Manthey 659); gravel loam of NW slope, 7,400 ft (Hutchins 2680); volcanic soil 8,700 ft (Fletcher 1591); gravel loam 6,750 ft (Hutchins 4806); on granitic-rhyolitic outcrops, usually above stream courses in the sclerophyllous Quercus-Bouteloua savannas or upper pinyon-juniper zone (Sanders 1987); rocky or sandy slopes, canyon bottoms, chaparral to oak-pine woodlands in mts. (Henrickson and Johnston 1997); canyons along watercourses (Martin and Hutchins 1981).
Important Literature

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