Agastache wrightii (Sonoran Giant-Hyssop)

Agastache wrightii (Sonoran Giant-Hyssop)

This Agastache differs from all other Agastache in the region, except for A. micrantha, by its small flowers. The calyx tube is less than 3 mm long. It has thicker leaves than A. micrantha, the leaves usually not wrinkling upon drying, the leaves mostly 1.5-2.0 (rather than 2.5-3.0) times longer than wide. Agastache micrantha is primarily of the Chihuahuan Desert region; A. wrightii occurs where the Sonoran influence is stronger.
Central Arizona to southwestern New Mexico, northeastern Sonora and extreme west-central Chihuahua (Sanders 1987).
Canyons, hills and montane slopes, 4,500-6,500 ft (Martin and Hutchins 1981); upper Sonoran zone (Wooton and Standley 1915); rich soil, canyons and slopes, 4,000-6,000 ft (Kearney and Peebles 1969); igneous rock outcrops in protected gravelly creek banks in shallow stream courses and canyons, usually with sclerophyllous oaks and grasses or scatter ponderosa pines, 1100-2000 m (Sanders 1987).
Important Literature

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