Aletes sessiliflorus (Sessile-flower Aletes)

Aletes sessiliflorus (Sessile-flower Aletes)

Common Name
Sessile-flower Aletes

This name is synonymous with Cymopterus sessiliflorus. Plants 6-13 cm tall, with several to many leaves and 1 to several peduncles from a much-branched, woody root crown; leaves oblong in outline, blades 2.6-6.4 cm long, 1-2.5 cm wide, pinnate or rarely bipinnate, the ultimate divisions linear, 3-25 mm long, 1.5 mm wide, glabrous; peduncles 4-12 cm long, usually exceeded by the leaves, glabrous to hispidulose at summit; bracts usually none; rays 4-8, spreading, unequal, sometimes the umbellets sessile, longest rays 0.2-0.65 cm; bractlets linear to lanceolate or ovate, 2-4.5 mm long, usually connate in lower 20-40 percent; pedicels none or to 0.2 mm long; calyx-teeth linear or lanceolate, 0.6-0.8 mm long; fruits in each umbellet 4-6, sessile or subsessile, oblong, 1.8-4 mm long, 0.9-2 mm wide, lateral and dorsal ribs with prominent membranous wings to 1 mm tall; vittae 1 in intervals, 2 on commissure (Theobald et al 1964; Hartman, personal observation).
Canyonlands of the northwestern quarter of New Mexico; La Plata Co., Colorado, and Apache Co., Arizona.
Slopes, ledges, and crevices of badlands and canyonlands; 5,300-7,200 feet elevation.
This name is synonymous with Cymopterus sessiliflorus.
Important Literature

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Theobald, W.L., C.C. Tseng and M.E. Mathias. 1964. A revision of Aletes and Neoparrya (Umbelliferae). Brittonia 16: 296-315.

Information Compiled By
Ronald L. Hartman 1998

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