Aspicarpa hirtella

Aspicarpa hirtella

Herbaceous with slender stems up to 1 m long, strigose herbage, ovate to oblong-ovate leaves to 4.5 cm long, usually cordate, bearing cleistogamous and chasmogamous flowers, the chasmogamous flowers lacking petals, carpels 2, strongly keeled dorsally but not winged.
Southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico at least to Zacatecas, Jalisco, and México.
Grasslands and xerophytic shrublands to the transition with oak woodland (Arreguín S. 1991); chapparal (Kearney and Peebles 1969); dry rocky slopes (Correll and Johnston 1970); rocky heavily grazed area with extensive areas of bare rock consisting of solidified white volcanic ash, with Juniperus monosperma and Xanthocephalum sarothrae (McIntosh 2468); crevices in bare rocky S-facing slope, 1800m (Todsen 3 Sep 1979); crevices and pickets in rocky S-facing slope, 1650m (Todsen 6 Sep 1979).
Important Literature

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Richard Spellenberg 1998

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