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Mihai Costea, Digital Atlas of Cuscuta at (2007)

Cuscuta warneri (Warner's Dodder)

Twining, tangled, yellow threadlike annual with stems 0.5 mm or less in diameter; inflorescence a glomerule of subsessile flowers on glabrous pedicels; flowers 5-merous, 2.1-4 mm long, slightly fleshy; calyx campanulate-cupulate, about 1/2 the coroll...

Russ Kleinman, WNMU Dept. of Natural Sciences and the Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium at (2010)

Draba mogollonica (Mogollon Whitlowgrass)

Winter annuals or biennials (perennial?); taproots enlarged above; stems 1 to several, usually with several branches 1.5-3.5 dm long, pubescent at base with simple trichomes, glabrous above ;leaves mostly in flat basal rosettes, denticulate to dentat...