Agastache mearnsii (San Luis Mountain Giant-Hyssop)

Agastache mearnsii (San Luis Mountain Giant-Hyssop)

Photograph by A. Flores M. (1996)
Common Name
San Luis Mountain Giant-Hyssop
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An herb differing from other Agastache by having attenuate calyx teeth 1/4 the total length of the calyx or more, herbaceous stems, a calyx tube that is straight or nearly so and 2-4 mm in diameter when pressed, with straight and conspicuous costae.


Documented from Hidalgo and Grant counties in New Mexico. Occurring in Mexico in west-central Chihuahua and adjacent Sonora, and in extreme northwestern Chihuahua.


Dry canyon bottoms with heavy Quercus rugosa, Cupressus, Fraxinus overstory (Spellenberg & Soreng 6818); wooded steep slopes in humus in oak woodlands or in the transitional zone with forest of Pinus ponderosa, 1,700-2,500 m. (Sanders 1987).

Important Literature

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Richard Spellenberg 1998

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