David K. Northington, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at (2010)

Chaetopappa hersheyi (Hershey's Cliff Daisy)

Matted perennial from woody rootstocks; stems to 5 cm high; sparsely pubescent with ascending or loosely appressed hairs, terminated by a solitary flower head; basal rosettelike leaves clustered, spatulate or lance shaped, spiny at the tip, 1.5-6 mm ...

University of New Mexico Herbarium at (2005)

Escobaria sandbergii (Sandberg's Pincushion Cactus)

Stems solitary, few in a clump, or commonly branched to form small dense clusters of 20 or more stems, the individual stems mostly 2-4 cm thick, to 15 cm tall; tubercles on mature stems with upper surface grooved; spines about 20-60 per areole, sprea...