Heuchera pulchella (Sandia Mountain Alum-Root)

Heuchera pulchella (Sandia Mountain Alum-Root)

Photograph by David Conklin (2006)
Scientific Name with Author
Heuchera pulchella Wooton & Standley
Common Name
Sandia Mountain Alum-Root
Rare Plant Conservation Scorecard Summary
Overall Conservation Status Documented Threats Actions Needed

Climate change/drought

Population trend monitoring. Status surveys on abundance, distribution and threats.

Perennial, rhizomatous herb; stems greater than 15 cm tall, glandular pubescent, bearing leaves in basal clusters; leaves broadly oval to rotund, cordate, palmately lobed and broadly toothed, upper surface glabrous, lower surface glandular pubescent; inflorescence a scapose one-sided raceme, with 15+ flowers; hypanthium about 5.5 mm long, basal portion fuzed to ovary, upper free portion about 4.0 mm long, campanulate to urceolate, pubescent, pinkish-white; calyx 5-lobed, sepals pinkish-purple; petals lanceolate (sometimes filiform when dried), very narrow at the base, pinkish-white, longer than the calyx lobes; stamens 5, equal to or longer than the sepals; styles not much exserted; stigmas 2. Flowers July to September.
Similar Species
Heuchera rubescens (syn = H. versicolor) usually has a less dense inflorescence, more acutely pointed leaf lobes, shorter hypanthium, narrower petals, and more strongly exserted anthers and styles than H. pulchella. Other New Mexican species of Heuchera have either greenish-white flowers or much larger red flowers.
New Mexico, Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Torrance counties, Sandia and Manzano mountains.
Limestone cliffs in lower and upper montane coniferous forest; 2,450-3,260 m (8,000-10,700 ft).
Locally abundant on the limestone face of Sandia Crest. The widespread H. rubescens is a variable species and the distinguishing features between it and H. pulchella are slight. This has caused confusion about the distribution of H. pulchella. Systematic studies of Heuchera are presently underway and will eventually clarify this issue. For now, it is best to consider H. pulchella to be restricted to the Sandia and Manzano mountains.
Conservation Considerations
The cliffside habitats of this plant offer considerable protection from human impacts.
Important Literature

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Robert Sivinski, Denis M. Kearns 1999

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