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Russ Kleinman and Mark Donnell, WNMU Dept. of Natural Sciences and the Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium at (2010)

Cirsium gilense (Gila thistle)

Biennial; stems up to 2 m tall, sparingly branched, hairy; leaves about 40 cm long, pointed at the tip, lobed, the lobes toothed, teeth tipped with slender spines, upper surface of the leaves hairy, lower surface without hairs; the base of the stem l...

University of New Mexico Herbarium (2014)

Cymopterus davidsonii (Davidson's cliff carrot)

Perennial herb; stems 15-40 cm tall, branching above, faintly scabrous-hairy; leaves oblong to somewhat oblong-oval in outline, blade 1.5-14 cm long, 1-9 cm wide, 2- to 3-times pinnately parted, the ultimate divisions linear, acute-mucronate at tips,...